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For Immediate Release -
June 13, 2012

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Kicinski Is POSITIVE For New York

Earlville, NY. (June 13, 2012) Michael Kicinski, Republican candidate for Congress, NY-22, says he is troubled by recent comments by another candidate. Richard Hanna spoke at the Oneida Rotary luncheon Tuesday, June 12, and said that "New York is an example of everything that is wrong."

Kicinski commented, "I can't believe 19 million people who live in New York are staying here because they think New York is 'an example of everything that is wrong in the direction this nation is going,' as Richard Hanna said."

Michael Kicinski lives in Madison County. The current district 24 that Mr. Hanna represents does not include Madison County.

"Apparently Mr. Hanna doesn't know the People of the district of NY-22," said Kicinski. "We are positive for the future of New York and the Nation. We are working hard to come through these difficult times. That is why we want a Real Representative of the People from NY-22 in Congress. Mr. Hanna is proving he is not that person."

Research data shows that New York has the highest gasoline taxes, is the state with the most people moving out, and is lowest on a national freedom index. But Kicinski says that is not deterring people who love this state. "We know we can turn things around," Kicinski said. "That is why I am running for Congress. That is why we have so much support, because the People of NY-22 know we need the right representation in Congress to return us to the right direction."

Michael Kicinski, an Electronics Engineer, knows firsthand about the problems of the economy and foreign competition, after his job was downsized. "The article in the Oneida Dispatch summed it up quite well, saying that we can notice decline, people are moving out, and taxes and regulations have burdened businesses and the people." But Kicinski says that Mr. Hanna has not done anything to help toward a positive change. "He has done just the opposite. He has voted for every spending bill and voted 3 times to increase our debt limit to the current $16.4 Trillion, placing a burden on us and our children and grandchildren," Kicinski said. "He has done nothing to relieve us of overburdening taxes and regulations. He has added to the problems of the area and nation."

"If this is how the new 22nd Congressional District will be represented if he is reelected, then it is clear Mr. Hanna is not the person to do the job," Kicinski said. "We need someone who is positive for this district, someone who will be their voice for New York. I will be that person."

Michael Kicinski is on the ballot for the New York Republican Congressional Primary set for June 26.

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